The Journey por Brandon Bays

The Journey por Brandon Bays

Titulo del libro: The Journey

Autor: Brandon Bays

ISBN: 0007456077

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Brandon Bays con The Journey

This edition of the classic self-help bestseller is fully revised and updated to reflect the newest developments in the mind-body field today.

Amazon Review
In 1992, Californian Mind/Body expert Brandon Bays, Chief Trainer to uber-guru Anthony Robbins for many years, appearing on stage with the likes of Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, discovered she had the tumour the size of a football in her stomach. She underwent an emotional healing journey, trying to uncover the emotional root of what she believed was causing the disease in her body. Six and half weeks later, she was pronounced text-book perfect--no drugs, no surgery, no tumour. Hailed at the next Louise Hay, Bays documents in her first book The Journey, her roller-coaster, knuckle-whitening ride through her healing and beyond. If getting a tumour wasn't bad enough, her daughter tells her she doesn't want anything more to do with her, her husband leaves her for another woman and her house is burnt to the ground. You couldn't make it up! The Journey is a spiritual guide to discovering the best part of yourself with a step-by-step, practical script which shows you how to let go of lifelong emotional and physical blocks. Combine this with Bays' personal story, which has all the pace and drama of a block-busting film, and it's a total winner. Unputdownable. Seatbelts on and prepare to travel on your own personal journey.


"Brandon Bays takes her reader on a journey of astounding inspiration." Deepak Chopra

"Brandon's inspiring story is proof of the healing power that exists within every individual." John Gray

"After experiencing The Journey I felt as if I'd been washed from the inside out, as if someone had just wiped me clean. My heart felt healed, whole. I wanted to dance, sing and celebrate…I felt finally free." Suzy Greaves, The Sunday Times

"The Journey will inspire millions, not only those with physical challenges in their lives but those seeking spiritual understanding." Candace Pert, PhD – Author, Molecules of Emotion

"Brandon Bays is a remarkable soul, and her story of healing and reconciliation is a testament to the capabilities of human beings. Read this book and be inspired to take your own journey of healing!" Anthony Robbins

"An amazing Journey, a gift to us all." Jane Seymour O.B.E.

"Brandon's book is inspiring, exciting and a look deep into the heart about how to live abundantly in a world that often gives too little and takes too much, including the health that sustains us. Her work is a gift to us all." Timothy J. Forbess, President of the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine

From the Back Cover


In 1993, Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a football-sized tumour and found herself catapulted into a remarkable, soul-searching and ultimately freeing healing journey. Only six and a half weeks later, she was pronounced text-book perfect clean – no drugs, no surgery.

This book is about freedom. Deep inside each one of us lies a huge potential. We secretly long to be in touch with it, to experience it fully and yet we also sense that often there is 'something' holding us back.

'The Journey' shows you how to reach this potential. The techniques in this book will show you how to tap into your own inner wisdom. You learn how to strip away years of emotional and physical blocks. Ultimately, you will learn how to free yourself and live your life as it was meant to be – as a true expression of your highest potential, your real self.

Pioneered from Brandon's own remarkable experience, 'The Journey' has already powerfully transformed the lives of thousands – freeing them from lifelong issues ranging from anger, depression, grief, loss, low self-esteem, addictions and sexual blocks to aches, pains, chronic fatigue and disease. This is the work that will shape the entire direction of personal growth and mind – body healing in the 21st century.