Kubernetes Microservices with Docker por Deepak Vohra

Kubernetes Microservices with Docker por Deepak Vohra

Titulo del libro: Kubernetes Microservices with Docker

Autor: Deepak Vohra

Número de páginas: 432 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 16, 2016

ISBN: 1484219066

Editor: Apress

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Deepak Vohra con Kubernetes Microservices with Docker

Start using Kubernetes in complex big data and enterprise applications, including Docker containers. Starting with installing Kubernetes on a single node, the book introduces Kubernetes with a simple Hello example and discusses using environment variables in Kubernetes.
Next, Kubernetes Microservices with Docker discusses using Kubernetes with all major groups of technologies such as relational databases, NoSQL databases, and in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.
The book concludes with using multi container pods and installing Kubernetes on a multi node cluster.
"a concise but clear introduction to containers, Docker and Kubernetes, using simple real-world examples to pass on the core concepts, via repetition, and is a very useful enabler." 10/10

Dave Hay MBCS CITP: review for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (http: //www.bcs.org/content/conWebDoc/58512)
What You Will Learn

Install Kubernetes on a single node

Set environment variables

Create multi-container pods using Docker

Use volumes

Use Kubernetes with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, NoSQL databases, and RDBMSs

Install Kubernetes on a multi-node cluster

Who This Book Is For
Application developers including Apache Hadoop developers, database developers and NoSQL developers.