Trading Systems por Emilio Tomasini

Trading Systems por Emilio Tomasini

Titulo del libro: Trading Systems

Autor: Emilio Tomasini

Número de páginas: 256 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 4, 2009

ISBN: 1905641796

Editor: Harriman House Ltd

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Emilio Tomasini con Trading Systems

Texto en inglés. Tapa blanda de editorial ilustrada. Como nuevo. Every day the sun rises on the horizon there are some traders who make a fortune. It seldom happens but it does happen, as the names of William Eckhardt, Ed Seykota, Jim Simons, and many others remind us. And you can be one of them. 'Trading Systems' is an insight into what a trader should know and do in order to achieve success on the markets. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to build a winning trading system. Divided into three parts, this book highlights exactly how you can build that system. Part One is a short practical guide to trading systems' development and evaluation, forming the theoretical basis for Part Two. It condenses the authors' years of experience in a number of practical tips. A step-by-step development process covering everything from the initial code writing up to walk forward analysis and money management makes up Part Two, a combination of Emilio Tomasini's experience and Urban Jaekle's practical application of trading systems and evaluation. Part Three shows you how to put systems for all different markets together in the most effective way. A trader can never say he achieved success but only that he survived: the black swan is always around the corner. 'Trading Systems' will help you find your way among the unchartered waters of systematic trading and show you what it takes to be the one that survives.