Spirit of the Game por Geoff Francis

Spirit of the Game por Geoff Francis

Titulo del libro: Spirit of the Game

Autor: Geoff Francis

Número de páginas: 114 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 10, 2012

ISBN: 9781907729089

Editor: bonobo tv

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Geoff Francis con Spirit of the Game

Páginas: 114 Géneros: 12:YFB:General fiction (Children's / Teenage) Sinopsis: STANLEY MATTHEWS CENTENARY YEAR 1st FEBRUARY 2015 - 31st JANUARY 2016 A real page turner for teenagers of both sexes. Even young men, who normally wouldn't go near a book, simply can't put Spirit of the Game down! A tough, heart-warming and uplifting tale with more than a touch of earthbound football wizardry in the shape of the legendary Stanley Matthews, football's greatest ever ambassador. The story explores the emotional upheaval engulfing Jamie Steele, a teenager who eventually comes to reject the image of a modern day role model in favour of one from an earlier time in a triumph of spirit over adversity. The novel seamlessly cross-pollinates fact with fiction, contrasting the more sinister elements that define modern football culture - racism and hooliganism - with a glimpse into the life and times that shaped Stanley Matthews' game. An ideal resource for teachers wishing to deal with racism, social issues and historical perspectives via fiction and drama. Some Strong Language. Suitable for ages 15+_,