Boya Chinese: Quasi-intermediate vol.1 por Li Xiaoqi

Boya Chinese: Quasi-intermediate vol.1 por Li Xiaoqi

Titulo del libro: Boya Chinese: Quasi-intermediate vol.1

Autor: Li Xiaoqi

Número de páginas: 223 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 1, 2012

ISBN: 7301208197

Editor: Peking University Press

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Li Xiaoqi con Boya Chinese: Quasi-intermediate vol.1

Boya Chinese the quasi-Intermediate accelerated chapter 1 (2nd Edition) suitable for basic grasp of the Chinese 1000 basic vocabulary and basic grammar learners. Regular higher education Eleventh Five-Year national planning materials: Boya Chinese quasi Intermediate accelerating articles 1 (2) The main objective of acceleration expressed as the title - let the learners in learning this Chinese level can accelerate the development of the process of teaching materials. Ie: effectively expanding Chinese vocabulary. consolidate and increase Chinese grammar pragmatic knowledge and a better understanding of Chinese society and culture. the rapid increase in Chinese communicative skills.