Alternative work for those who are unemployed and desperate por DAVID FRANCISCO CAMARGO HERNANDEZ

Alternative work for those who are unemployed and desperate por DAVID FRANCISCO CAMARGO HERNANDEZ

Titulo del libro: Alternative work for those who are unemployed and desperate


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Fecha de lanzamiento: January 24, 2014

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DAVID FRANCISCO CAMARGO HERNANDEZ con Alternative work for those who are unemployed and desperate

Alternative work for those who are unemployed and desperate
This is a very interesting book that addresses the problem of unemployment in the world, difficult situation for many people who are in a desperate situation because you do not have to take a " pan" to their homes , although some of them have sufficient preparation to enter the labor market , and other even if they are not trained in a craft or trade, if they have the ability to develop an activity that represents income for his family .
Hence, a research field with a significant sample of people who had gone through this situation were able to overcome the obstacle of unemployment to give a part of your household tranquility to achieve " get back on track " in a task or activity that was generated some return .
It is important to note that although some respondents were able to be included in the formal labor market, there are also those who did so in the informal but in one form or another has allowed them to achieve a subsistence with fewer economic shocks .
What is interesting is to see the different types that have been created based on the statistics of the different activities that have been developing people to achieve their inclusion in the labor market book. To do this the paper categorized by social strata so that the reader identify the universe of possibilities out there for a space in the labor market (employment).
Creativity that people have not to buckle by adversity of not having a job in an increasingly narrow and difficult to access the category of wage labor market manifests .
A key element is how when someone is out of work or have lost their jobs are looking for income alternatives and step allows a degree of economic independence , where in most cases the person can withdraw from the labor market as a ( a) employee ( a) .
These experiences then become a motivational factor and provides important ideas for those who are in that situation quickly seek an alternative that gives them subsistence income , and for others it means the beginning of the creation of his own company.
That's why real cases where people have gone to carry out activities they never thought they would perform but are finally doing successfully presented in the book.
There are examples of people who have come from going to fortune tellers to take away the supposed "salt" that carry over , as those who have gone to other places where they are not known and have started an activity that would never have done if someone were to identify them. ( Shame ) .
Figures and statistics to ensure that if a person starts an activity with diligence and discipline it takes you to success are presented. Hence the importance of not only present the cases of personal growth and development , but the causes of unemployment are also quantified in questions which identified each respondent how he managed to overcome the situation of unemployment.
Some types that are developed in the book are : the confused desperation , the resumes , the all you can , the embarrassed prepared etc . And it explains how each of them managed to obtain income and achieve tranquility was lost .
The idea is that anyone reading the book quickly discover an alternative that provides an immediate solution to the unemployment problem , especially when there are no resources. It is possible that some professionals in various fields find it difficult to choose an activity to develop different to look for a job that guarantees them a chord with labor income and investment spending years of professional life tab , however I must clarify that no everyone was born to be used and the same life circumstances so indicate .
No cases of magnates who in the past were poor in the past and who achieved great wealth , nor theories that address the positive attitude , when your stomach is growling with hunger, what is shown there is actually addressed in the document a society where living conditions have changed much and where