The Shadow over Innsmouth por Miguel Brendel

The Shadow over Innsmouth por Miguel Brendel

Titulo del libro: The Shadow over Innsmouth

Autor: Miguel Brendel

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 13, 2016

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Miguel Brendel con The Shadow over Innsmouth

Adaptation in comic format of H.P. Lovecraft's work. By Miguel Brendel.

The authour comments: "Innsmouth is a little bit like that ancient Galicia that still lives on nowadays with humid persistance. This premise, as myself was soon understood by the director Stuart Gordon around anno 2001 with his movie "Dagon: La Secta del Mar", with a magnificent Paco Rabal in which would be his very lst work. Living in Galicia and adding the "Lovecraftian" view leads to this luck which is a mix of a hit of saltpeter and thick darkness. This comic that I present you isn't something from yesterday, but has been resting for years, getting covered in mould even before the raise of the graphic work of Erik Kriek, based on the same story. Opposed to this one, that follows a more classical horro comic style in black and white, mi work dwelled into a thicker, dirtier and textured line. Ochre and cold tones full of splatters and textures prevail. In conclusion, rather than something academic I searched for those ocean waves that roar at night and with which I cohait daily to splash the spectator looking for him to sink with delight in the opus of a great one: H.P. Lovecraft".