Perfumes The Guide 2018 (English Edition) por Luca Turin

Perfumes The Guide 2018 (English Edition) por Luca Turin

Titulo del libro: Perfumes The Guide 2018 (English Edition)

Autor: Luca Turin

Número de páginas: 346 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 26, 2018

Editor: Perfüümista OÜ

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Luca Turin con Perfumes The Guide 2018 (English Edition)

In 2008, Turin and Sanchez up-ended the world of fragrance with their critically acclaimed Perfumes: The A–Z Guide, one of Amazon’s best books of the year, described by John Lanchester in the New Yorker as “ravishingly entertaining,” by India Knight in the Sunday Times (UK) as “one of the best books I have ever read,” by Hilary Mantel as “opinionated, knowledgeable, sharply written and surprisingly comprehensive … a purely enjoyable book,” and by Philip Hensher as "a work of the highest criticism, one which elevates writing about perfume to the best sort of writing about wine or rock music." Ten years later they bring their inimitably passionate, erudite perspective back to the hugely changed world of fragrance, to sort out which of over 1,200 new individual perfumes deserves celebration (and which condemnation).

The 2018 guide includes all new content, including
- “Ten Years Later,” looking back on the last decade of fragrance
- “The Shifting Shape of Fragrance 1918–2018”
- all new FAQ
- over 1,200 individual reviews: masculine and feminine, mainstream and arcane, from the latest Guerlains to a 5-star masterpiece by a small Malaysian firm
- an expanded glossary
- top 10 lists, this time including not just masculines and feminines but introverts and extroverts, the best retro, citrus, oud, and more