VMware vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive (English Edition) por Cormac Hogan

VMware vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive (English Edition) por Cormac Hogan

Titulo del libro: VMware vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive (English Edition)

Autor: Cormac Hogan

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Fecha de lanzamiento: December 9, 2018

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Cormac Hogan con VMware vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive (English Edition)

VMware’s vSAN has rapidly proven itself in environments ranging from hospitals to oil rigs to e-commerce platforms and is one of the top three players in the hyperconverged space. Along the way, it has matured to offer unsurpassed features for data integrity, availability, and space efficiency. vSAN 6.7 U1 has radically simplified IT operations and supports the transition to hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI).

The authors of the vSAN Deep Dive have thoroughly updated their definitive guide to this transformative technology. Writing for vSphere administrators, architects, and consultants, Cormac Hogan, and Duncan Epping explain what vSAN is, how it has evolved, what it now offers, and how to gain maximum value from it. The book offers expert insight into preparation, installation, configuration, policies, provisioning, clusters, architecture, and more. You’ll also find practical guidance for using all data services, stretched clusters, and two node configurations. This book is part of the Deep Dive series.

Combine this book with the vSphere 6.5 Host Deep Dive, and the vSphere 6.7 Clustering Deep Dive, and you have an in-depth and comprehensive set of books that deliver the information you need to design and administer both vSphere and vSAN in the enterprise.

Often referred to in the virtual community as the vSphere Resource kit, the Host Resource Deep Dive zooms in on hardware resources such as CPU and Memory and covers how the vSphere resource scheduler manages these. The vSAN Deep Dive discusses how to leverage local storage devices to create a shared storage platform and the Clustering Deep Dive builds on top of that and zooms in how a group of ESXi hosts work together and provide compute clustering services. Buy all three and become your organizations' private cloud superhero!